Laurence Jones
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Laurence Jones
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My paintings incorporate elements of both fiction and reality, and are brought to fruition through a varied means of production.

Recently, a significant focus in the work has been an exploration of the mediated image, and an investigation into the power of implied narrative. The architectural settings aim to situate the viewer in relationship with a domestic geography that is both recognisable yet hyperreal, offering a simulacra of the everyday. The scenes are furnished with patterns and motifs that serve to tropicalise the work and enforce the overall aesthetic of the fabricated image.

Through the act of painting, narrative begins to form as elements are added or removed, displaced from their source and recontextualised, providing the scenes an intangible familiarity.

The interiors are painted with a rich palette, referencing a digitally arbitrated experience, whilst connoting contemporary luxury. The screen-like finish of the paintings is offset by the use of broken and dripped paint, which grounds the work in a more traditional idea of material and process.